Ken Lomas


Ken brings to Cranch-Hardy & Associates more than 35 years of experience in marketing and brand management, print and television advertising, as well as web, logo and package design.


After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University in 1962, Ken’s career track led to a position at Grey Advertising in New York where he was an account manager for several Proctor & Gamble and Bristol Myers products.


In 1978, Ken moved his family to Baton Rouge where he began an entrepreneurial career that included several successful ventures: Energy Efficient Lighting Inc., Energy Management Systems Companies, Inc. and White Horse Studios, an advertising and marketing company.


In 1992, White Horse Studios took on the start-up company, Evolved Industries, as a client.  Ken developed the initial marketing strategy and designed the packaging and other marketing-related materials.  The product quickly became a national phenomenon.  Ken was responsible for the marketing strategies and creative concepts delivered more than 50 additional brands for Evolved to the national marketplace, achieving annual sales in excess of $20 million.


Ken accepted his current position with Cranch-Hardy & Associates in the Spring of 2009.